Why Shiplap? About Us!


Chasing Shiplap is a lifestyle blog inspired by my experiences in everyday life.  The joys and struggles of parenting, home life, and being married to a busy professional as we relocate our family across the country to beautiful Prince Edward Island!

Chasing Shiplap serves as an outlet for me to have something of my own, as I navigate the sometimes calm and often choppy waters of life.

What is in a name? Chasing Shiplap is the result of being inspired by the masses of women (mothers, professionals, soul searchers, and free spirits alike) who have an affinity towards home lifestyle, including motherhood, leisure, home decor, diy, fashion, and beauty. One of my biggest influences is Joanna Gaines; super-mom, stunning style maven, domestic goddess, and business woman extraordinaire! HGTV’s Fixer Upper super fans will know exactly what I am talking about.  Joanna is a woman who does it all and has been an inspiration to me in so many ways. She is known for her love of home design elements, and particularly of shiplap, a type of wood board used in homebuilding and design. Shiplap is a theme that Joanna uses consistently in her design visions. I continue to be inspired by her, and strive to develop and meet my life’s goals in a similar manner that she has. With that thought in mind, you could say that I am Chasing Shiplap.