Office Reveal-Finally!

Hola Shiplappers! It’s been awhile since I have posted-my apologies! Time continues to run away from me as the days turn into weeks so quickly! The Christmas and holiday rush is well behind us, and in pursuit of working on my many new goals for 2017, I finally completed…my office area!

I am so excited to share it with you all, because I feel like it is a space that truly represents me on such a personal level. I really wanted it to be that way, because like the old adage says “find something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life”. A lot of what I hope to do moving forward will require a fair amount of time being spent at a desk. Not only do I now have a beautiful space that I am comfortable in and that functions for my needs, but it was also a pleasure to plan and execute this personal space for myself (seriously, I live for this stuff!).

After purchasing our home, we knew that we would dedicate a space for Mr. Chasing Shiplap to have an office, due to the nature of his work. For him we decided on some extra space in our basement/man cave and that has been perfect for his needs. I mulled for awhile over where to put my office. I knew that I didn’t want it in our main living area, as offices and desks can get a little wild with “stuff/junk” and I dislike clutter in our main living space.

Before: Empty Nook Area

I ended up deciding on a little hallway nook leading to our master bedroom, that didn’t serve much of a purpose aside from being a segue area. The space is small, so I had some trepidation about being able to pull it off as an office. A quick search of small office areas on Pinterest bolstered my confidence about making the space work so I decided to go for it! Nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

I opted for IKEAs Table Bar System which allows you to mix and match various table tops and legs to create your own custom desk. I added 2 IKEA wall shelves with brackets and that was the starting point for my new office. The pieces that I selected are practical and economical, and also give a custom look and feel because I was able to pick exactly what works for the space.

The decor and accessories is a mishmash of office supplies and pieces that I already had, plus things that I thrifted from Value Village and purchased from places like the Dollarama, Michael’s, Winners, Homesense, and Wicker Emporium. You will recognize some Dollarama office supplies from my “Office Organization- Spray Paint all of the Things” post. I splurged a bit on a mint green vintage school house light fixture. I have to say that I find that one of the quickest ways to transform a space is to swap out the basic builder grade lights and replace them with something custom. This does not have to be expensive! There are beautiful lighting options in many price ranges if you are willing to shop around!

I have to admit that I am very much an “old lady” at heart (I have Pinterest board titled “35 going on 76”, haha). I love florals, pink, vintage-y, soft, feminine, and shabby chic decor elements. I am the only female in our household of 5 people, so feminine elements ended up being very strong! I used various pieces of art work and mirrors to create a gallery wall. Here she is, my completed office space!

Chasing Shiplap Office Reveal

Maybe someday I can find a way to add some shiplap to the area, haha. I hope that you enjoy the space as much as I do! Thanks to everyone who voted for me to complete this space, and to all of you for continuing on this Chasing Shiplap journey with me!

The Flock is Strong With This One!

Sparkling lights twinkle on the banister, familiar carols and melodies swirl around as the soundtrack to the season, and it’s impossible to look in the mirror and not find sparkles freckling our skin and clothing. Christmas is in the air Shiplappers, and I am soaking it up quite fervently. Admidst the rush, chaos, and the demands of everyday life (sick kids, packing lunches, getting out the door on time, planning days around naps, and just being plain old tired to name a few), Christmas is my happy place.

One of my favourite Christmas past times, like many, is decorating our home for the holidays. To me, trimming our Christmas tree elicits the feeling you get as a child, when you scurry outdoors upon the first big snow fall, and take that long awaited backwards free fall . The feeling of familiarity and nostalgia when the snow crunches below your body, as you flail your arms and legs in delight, thus making your first snow angel of the season. Oh the feels!

With it being our first Christmas in our new home, my decor style and colour scheme has changed quite a bit. Keeping with the whole modern farmhouse thing, I decided to go very light and neutral with my holiday
palette. Mainly because I love how it looks, but also because of the versatility it offers in years to come should I want to change things up by adding pops of colour or new decor elements.  Neutrals make for such an easy decorating foundation!

Flocked Trees in our Backyard 

This year I have been obsessed with flocked Christmas trees- you know the ones that look like they are covered in beautiful fluffy white snow? I can thank the expansive vaulted ceiling in our new home for persuading a reluctant Mr. Chasing Shiplap to agree that our old tree did not suit the scale and space of our home.  Alas, we sprung for a impressive 9 foot flocked Alaskan Spruce, and she does not disappoint! I knew the tree would be tall, but I was surprised as to how wide, full, and lush that it is too. It fills the area in a way that our 7 foot tree would not have, and we are so pleased that we made the investment!

Bringing Outdoors to Indoors

So, here we are! Christmas in our new home with our lovely tree that looks like it was plucked from a whimsical sparkling forest to bring cheer and happiness to this Shiplapper! Below is some of my other holiday decorating as well.  I hope that you enjoy it!

Shiplap Mantle

Garland on Banisters 

Snowflake pencil tree in entryway dormer ❄️

Festive Details

See you again soon and have a beautiful Christmas! 🌲

Holiday Decorating-Ribbon Tip!

Hello Shiplappers! We are inching closer to the Christmas season and I have begun decorating,  starting with outside.  I started with outside mostly because I dislike the cold and I really do not enjoy having to do tasks that require manual dexterity when my hands are freezing!  I had a vision for what I wanted my holiday wreaths to look like this year. The only problem was that I could not find the beautiful ticking printed ribbon that I wanted to hang my wreaths with.

Solution? Make my own! Well, not literally. I found 3 different sets of ribbon in varying widths and combined them to bring my vision to life. It really was the easiest little project, and now I have a custom, one of a kind ribbon!

Here’s the complicated process:

1. Buy desired ribbon in varying widths


2. Using a hot glue gun, adhere ribbons to each other





3. Use ribbon as desired


Viola! Now you can be crafty like me, haha! Happy holiday decorating!



Birthday Celebration and Our First Hosting Gig!

Hola and happy Fall to you all! The cool crisp weather has arrived on the island and the leaves are beginning to change colour. I’m slowly digging my cozy sweaters and chic boots out of storage. Fall is my favourite season!

Our eldest little Shiplapper turned 5 years old this past week, and we celebrated by hosting a little shindig with some friends that we have made since settling into our new home!

We had a lovely day, complete with yummy food, cupcakes, and adorable kids running wild through the house and in the backyard. It was a small gathering which allowed us to entertain the kids while getting to know our new parent friends as well. The day was a success, and we’re so glad that we didn’t shy away from hosting duties like we usually do. I’m excited for future gatherings in our home! Canadian Thanksgiving is up next!






Be back again soon! image

Home Office Organization-Spray paint all of the things!

Spray paint all of the things!! I will shout it from the rooftops! Shiplappers, I am hooked. There is a “chalk paint” movement sweeping the design world. What is chalk paint you ask? Chalk paint is typically a water-based decorative paint that dries in a powdery, chalk-like finish. In a design sense, it flows extremely well with the rustic, farmhouse look because it is not high gloss and shiny,both of which tend to give a modern or contemporary feel. A popular brand of chalk paint is made by a company called Annie Sloan. They offer an array of chalk paint colours to choose from.


So naturally, I am ALL OVER the look of chalk paint. There is just something about the powdery, matte finish that appeals to my inner Joanna Gaines. I especially love the soft neutral colours that tend to be featured in chalk paint palettes. So you can imagine my excitement when I came across a new line of chalk spray paint by Rust-Oleum called “Chalked Ultra Matte Paint” at (none-other-than) Walmart! Before I knew it, I had 3 cans of prettily coloured chalk spray paint in my shopping cart. It took a significant amount of restraint, but I returned two of the cans to the shelf and left the store with a single can, costing about $10. I ended up with a colour called “Serenity Blue”, a subtle and chalky muted blue/green. It’s a colour that I felt would work well with my current decor scheme, plus I really just liked the look of it and knew that I could make it work in the space in our new home as well.


I wasn’t sure what I was going to use the spray paint for initially. After some mulling, I decide that I would focus on some office/desk organization supplies. Since I launched Chasing Shiplap, I have realized that it would be beneficial to have a dedicated workspace for myself in our new home when we move. With that in mind, I hit the Dollarama to find some inexpensive pieces to transform for my soon-to-be workspace. Dollarama did not disappoint. I ended up getting a wire mesh file holder, letter organizer with pen compartments, a rectangular pen cup, and a shallow circular cup. Each piece is from the same collection so they coordinate perfectly and ranged in price from $1.50-$3.00 per item. For fun I also grabbed a wooden picture frame ($3.00), and a package of metal drawer knobs ($2.00). Finally, I loaded my basket up with some cute and colourful pens, pencils, erasers, binder clips, and a package ofchalkboard style labels, to stock my new desktop.


Fast forward to spray painting time. I did the painting in our garage with the garage doors open for good ventilation. It took me about 5-7 minutes to spray all of the pieces. I let them dry for the rest of the day, and applied a second coat the next morning. I am really happy with how they turned out! The chalk paint added a subtle hint of colour and softness to the gray metal Dollarama pieces.


To add an extra element of style, I added the little chalkboard labels (you can actually write on them with chalk!) that I found at the Dollarama to a couple of the pieces. They make the file holder and cup holder stand out more, but also add a functional component if you have multiple pieces that and want to further organize with labels!


I did a mock up of a desktop using the little built-in desk area (aka junk surface) in our kitchen. I borrowed a few other items in from various places around my house to set up the space in a way that I found to be visually appealing and a functional use of the space and supplies as well. Here is the end result!






I hope this displays how easy it is to transform basic items into something a bit more exciting! The beauty about using spray paint is that it is super easy, fast, and it comes in such a variety of colours making it super simple to customize your items any way that you would like. Here at Chasing Shiplap, we love simplicity and versatility!

I also painted the picture frame and drawer knobs that I picked up at the Dollarama. If you have a desk with drawer knobs or pulls, you can add continuity with your colour scheme by painting them too!



Spray painting things can become a little addictive. I was having so much fun that I went looking for something else to paint! I found and old paper towel holder that was in a box of items to be donated. I happily sprayed it, reminiscing about when my husband and I purchased it (for $8) for the first apartment that we lived in when we moved to Ontario. Realizing that the paper towel holder had been with us for 12 years, I was glad that I found a way to give it new life and hang onto it a little while longer. Here it is, looking like it has had a talk show makeover! It now sits on my counter, newly liberated from the donation bin. I get a warm tingly feeling in my heart when I can repurpose old stuff! If you have any old items that you are on the fence about keeping, consider giving them a facelift and new life with a couple of coats of spray paint!



Having my new, pretty, office supplies and paper towel holder fuels my motivation to continue on this blogging journey. I can’t wait to share my workspace set up in our new home in the coming weeks! Until then, I’ll be Chasing Shiplap, and I encourage you to go get your paint on!


Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Placemats


Can I be real for a minute? I absolutely adore my boys. I truly do, with all of my heart. They are busy, curious, tenacious, and strong willed. They are also sweet, affectionate, kind and funny.

All of their amazing qualities aside, I sometimes find myself thinking “This is why we can’t have nice things”. My boys can be rough on our belongings. They love to jump, climb, push, pull and explore in all the ways that you can imagine little boys would. I love that they are curious, imaginative, and adventurous. The curiosity tends to mean that our home looks like a tornado has swept through daily!

The evidence of their love for cars and trucks takes over our family room floor daily. My sofa cushions, accent pillows, and throw blankets are almost alway askew. Objects get disassembled (ahem, broken) on a regular basis. It comes with the territory of having young children (3 under 4.5 years old in our household!). With that said, I try to be realistic about the types of things I buy at this period of our lives, with the expectation that they are very likely to get dropped, ripped, taken apart, and spilled on.

So today I am sharing with you a super easy DIY project for making your own placemats! Sure, I would love to get some gorgeous cloth printed ones from Pier 1 Imports, but at this point in our lives there is no point. Keeping them looking nice would be futile and they would quickly become covered in yogurt and stained with spaghetti sauce.

The placemats that I have made in this tutorial are low-maintenance and easy to clean. Most importantly, they are very inexpensive to make so it’s not a huge loss if one (or all) get destroyed. The idea came to me while shopping at Walmart last week, after seeing some rolls of easyLiner shelf and drawer liners on display. The liners are typically used to line the bottoms of cupboards, shelves, and drawers which makes them durable and easy to clean. They come in a variety of colours and patterns and cost $6 a roll. Lightbulb moment!


1. A roll of easyLiner Smooth Top shelf liners
2. Scissors
3. Measuring tape or a placemat that you already own
4. Optional: Glue gun and ribbon

1. Roll out the liner with the back side facing up (I photographed it with the back side facing down to show better in the picture). Using a measuring tape or placemat, measure the length of the placemat (or 19″) and mark a straight line with a pen.

2. Cut across the line that you measured to cut out the placemats.

3. Repeat 5 more times to use the entire roll, or until your desired number of placemats is achieved.

4. Optional fourth step: To add more of a design/esthetic element, add ribbon to the outside edges of the placemats using a glue gun.



There you have it! A set of 6 placemats for about $1 a piece. Allow your kids to use these bad boys guilt-free, for everything from eating on, colouring on, and making messy arts and crafts. They wash up easily with a cloth and warm soapy water, and dry quickly.

image image

Depending on how much you want to perk them up, you can easily use them for your hosting needs as well! You’re welcome!



For fun, here is a little feature of my 2 year old’s most recent art project! At least he choose one of my favourite colours, right?


Magnolia Wreath Tutorial

 In the previous post, “Farmhouse Chic on a Dime”, I made a grapevine wreath with faux magnolia flowers. Buying a premade wreath can be expensive- I have seen them range from $20-$60 at Homesense. I wanted to share how I made my wreath to show you how easy and inexpensive it is to complete as a do it yourself project!


I purchased my supplies at Walmart, but you can also find similar items at Michael’s and other craft stores. I purchased a wreath ($4.94) and one stem of faux magnolia flowers ($6.50) to make an elegant wreath for under $12! Due to the simplicity of the look I wanted to achieve, I only needed 1 stem of flowers (each stem had 3 flowers). If you would like to make a wreath with a fuller look, purchase additional stems of flowers. The prices of faux flowers vary depending on the quality and where you buy them.

Tip: The Dollarama has a variety of faux flowers and greenery if you want a fuller look for your wreath but want to keep the costs down. Try Michael’s for a larger selection and higher quality flower options.

For the method that I used to create the magnolia wreath, I recommend finding faux flowers that have blooms at varying height placements across the stem (as opposed to all one height at the very top of the stem).


1. Grapevine wreath
2. Faux flowers on a stem
3. A wire cutting device (optional depending on your design)

1. Decide where you would like your flowers to be located on the wreath (I choose off centered to the left). Line up the flowers to the location of your liking. With your wreath facing down on the front display side, insert the wire stem of the flowers between a few of the vines.

2. Using the curve of the wreath, continue to weave the remaining length of the stem through the vines and secure the end of the stem under a vine.


3. Faux flowers are typically designed so that the flower bloom can be removed from the stem (you just pop it right off!). To position the blooms how you would like and to help them lay flush against the wreath, remove them from the stem and pull the stem part in between the vines. When you are satisfied with where the flowers are positioned, reattach the blooms to the stem.

4. The stems usually have wire in them to make them flexible and bendy. In the final stage, make any adjustments needed to ensure that the flowers are positioned well. You may also want to “fluff” up the blooms using your fingers to make them look fuller.


Viola! You now have a simple and elegant wreath using only two items!


The thing that I love most about this project is that it is completely customizable. You can choose any type of flower, in any colour, and even in a combination of flower varieties and colours. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even spray paint the wreath to a colour of your choosing!

To make your wreath as versatile as possible, I recommend choosing a neutral colour for the base flower. I personally love to make changes to my decor throughout the year. Sometimes on a whim if I find a new piece that I love and want to incorporate into my home, but most often my design changes are seasonal. I love to switch things up in the Fall to emphasize warm earthy tones, and in the winter it’s all about Christmas and holiday charm.

If you choose a neutral flower colour as the base of your wreath, it is incredibly easy to change the look of it simply by adding more flowers in different colours. To show how easy this is, I have included some photos of how I have changed the look of my wreath by adding different flowers, and leaves. This is the part where you may need to use a wire cutter (or other cutting device) to remove individual blooms from the stem. Since the flowers are not permanently affixed to the wreath, you can remove some or all at anytime to change the look, or start from scratch with a new look!






I had fun doing this little project, and I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial and feel encouraged to try this for your home!

Farmhouse Chic on a Dime

You may find this shocking, but I am kind of a Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper mega fan. I kid! I won’t reiterate my reasons for my admiration, but if you want some background read my post “Separated at Birth?!“.

I adore Joanna’s decorating style! I would classify it as a mix traditional, rustic, and shabby chic, combined with some industrial and modern elements. Though the dominant theme to her dersign style is “Farmhouse Chic”, I would argue that her ability to incorporate those various elements into designs that flow is quite eclectic! I now find myself recognizing a lot of the elements that seem to represent the Fixer Upper style in so many places in my everyday life.

The homes and spaces that Fixer Upper creates are beautiful and decorated impeccably. The way that the elements flow adds a seemingly effortless continuity from one room to another. We all know that home decor can be pricey, especially when you have multiple rooms and different areas within rooms to decorate.

There are some great home decor stores that offer reasonable prices with a variety of selection. Homesense, Jysk, and Bouclair are great examples of places where you can find beautiful decor with good prices. I know firsthand how quickly multiple items in the shopping cart add up though!

So today, I challenged myself to find some of the lowest priced decor pieces out there, that are reminiscent of the signature Farmhouse style that I love.

Destination? Walmart!

Walmart is one of those places that I have a love/hate relationship. I love the competitive prices, great deals, and one-stop-shop element to the store. My biggest dislike is how busy and crowded the store can get at peak times. I try to eliminate that annoyance by going early in the morning (my local store opens at 7:30 a.m.!).

So, Walmart delivered on the challenge! I find that it’s hit or miss when it comes to the decor options, but there are some great pieces that are really inexpensive.

Tip: Combine inexpensive items with mid and higher range pieces to create a balanced space that won’t break the bank!

One of the things that Joanna Gaines does so well to create beautiful spaces is set up vignettes of decor pieces. Creating a vignette on a shelf, bookcase, mantle or in a cabinet can really elevate the design of your space. It typically involves taking a number of various decor pieces and arranging them in a way that is interesting and pleasing to the eye. That is what I set out to do with this challenge and I ended up with the following items:

1. Wire basket with liner $12.96
2. Medium glass vase with twine $7.47
3. Small glass vase with twine $6.47
4. Crackle candle holder $5.97
5. Flameless 6″ pillar candle $7.97
6. Grapevine wreath $4.94
7. Magnolia faux bloom $6.50

The combined total (prior to tax) was $58.78 (Note that I purchased 2 stems of the magnolia flowers ). I ended up with some great pieces for under $60! Not too shabby for multiple pretty additions that add interest and detail to a highly visual area in your home!


The end result also included a picture frame that I already own from Homesene ($12.99) and a mini candle from Bath and Body Works ($4.50).


To show how versatile the decor pieces are, I used them in my master bathroom as well! I love the functionality of the basket for added storage. On the mantle it can be used to store anything from books, magazines and remote controls. In the bathroom is can be used to store toilet paper, towels, or toiletries. Who doesn’t need extra storage?


I appreciate that the farmhouse style is not for everyone. Others prefer traditional, contemporary, or eclectic design. To each their own! I was able to find many other decor items that would represent the styles above. Whatever your specific design tastes are, there are ways to achieve the decor look that you love,  on a dime! As for me? I’ll continue on my journey of Chasing Shiplap!