Farmhouse Chic on a Dime

You may find this shocking, but I am kind of a Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper mega fan. I kid! I won’t reiterate my reasons for my admiration, but if you want some background read my post “Separated at Birth?!“.

I adore Joanna’s decorating style! I would classify it as a mix traditional, rustic, and shabby chic, combined with some industrial and modern elements. Though the dominant theme to her dersign style is “Farmhouse Chic”, I would argue that her ability to incorporate those various elements into designs that flow is quite eclectic! I now find myself recognizing a lot of the elements that seem to represent the Fixer Upper style in so many places in my everyday life.

The homes and spaces that Fixer Upper creates are beautiful and decorated impeccably. The way that the elements flow adds a seemingly effortless continuity from one room to another. We all know that home decor can be pricey, especially when you have multiple rooms and different areas within rooms to decorate.

There are some great home decor stores that offer reasonable prices with a variety of selection. Homesense, Jysk, and Bouclair are great examples of places where you can find beautiful decor with good prices. I know firsthand how quickly multiple items in the shopping cart add up though!

So today, I challenged myself to find some of the lowest priced decor pieces out there, that are reminiscent of the signature Farmhouse style that I love.

Destination? Walmart!

Walmart is one of those places that I have a love/hate relationship. I love the competitive prices, great deals, and one-stop-shop element to the store. My biggest dislike is how busy and crowded the store can get at peak times. I try to eliminate that annoyance by going early in the morning (my local store opens at 7:30 a.m.!).

So, Walmart delivered on the challenge! I find that it’s hit or miss when it comes to the decor options, but there are some great pieces that are really inexpensive.

Tip: Combine inexpensive items with mid and higher range pieces to create a balanced space that won’t break the bank!

One of the things that Joanna Gaines does so well to create beautiful spaces is set up vignettes of decor pieces. Creating a vignette on a shelf, bookcase, mantle or in a cabinet can really elevate the design of your space. It typically involves taking a number of various decor pieces and arranging them in a way that is interesting and pleasing to the eye. That is what I set out to do with this challenge and I ended up with the following items:

1. Wire basket with liner $12.96
2. Medium glass vase with twine $7.47
3. Small glass vase with twine $6.47
4. Crackle candle holder $5.97
5. Flameless 6″ pillar candle $7.97
6. Grapevine wreath $4.94
7. Magnolia faux bloom $6.50

The combined total (prior to tax) was $58.78 (Note that I purchased 2 stems of the magnolia flowers ). I ended up with some great pieces for under $60! Not too shabby for multiple pretty additions that add interest and detail to a highly visual area in your home!


The end result also included a picture frame that I already own from Homesene ($12.99) and a mini candle from Bath and Body Works ($4.50).


To show how versatile the decor pieces are, I used them in my master bathroom as well! I love the functionality of the basket for added storage. On the mantle it can be used to store anything from books, magazines and remote controls. In the bathroom is can be used to store toilet paper, towels, or toiletries. Who doesn’t need extra storage?


I appreciate that the farmhouse style is not for everyone. Others prefer traditional, contemporary, or eclectic design. To each their own! I was able to find many other decor items that would represent the styles above. Whatever your specific design tastes are, there are ways to achieve the decor look that you love,  on a dime! As for me? I’ll continue on my journey of Chasing Shiplap!




  1. Steph says:

    Kelli I just love your new blog! Congrats my sweet friend on using your gift of connecting with people and your talent of decorating to develop your passion! As a momma on may leave I am looking forward to decor on a budget with lots of fun tips! Lots of love xo
    Proud of you!

  2. Kristi says:

    Kelli this is so amazing. I’m not a crafty person at all but I would try this. My whole place needs a decoration do over lol nothing matches and it’s so cluttered. I may need to start one room at a time. Maybe you can help me figure things out

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