Well, Hello There…


Welcome to Chasing Shiplap! Pull up a chair. I’d love to fetch you a peppermint tea and a warm buttery scone fresh out of the oven. But let’s be real here, all I have on hand is tap water and Ritz crackers (possibly stale) to offer you. I hope that you will still decide to stay!

Chasing Shiplap is my journey through life, love, and parenting. Real. Honest. Optimistic.  This is what I strive to be. I have many great moments,  and an equally comparable number of frustrating, challenging, throw in the towel moments too. My goal is to share the full spectrum of my life. Not just the Pinterest-perfect, strategically cropped ones that  we have a tendency to put the forefront of our lives.  In the spirit of trying to bring positive energy to this place, there will definitely be plenty of those Pinterest-worthy moments -don’t worry! As I attempt to live in the moment, I can’t promise that it will always be pretty and glossy but I will do my best to be real. This is new for me, so I hope that you will follow me down this path, as I seek to live in the moment, through the good and the bad. I am inspired by so many strong, creative, and beautiful women every day. I hope to one day do the same for others out there. In the meantime, I’ll  be Chasing Shiplap.

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