Office Reveal-Finally!

Hola Shiplappers! It’s been awhile since I have posted-my apologies! Time continues to run away from me as the days turn into weeks so quickly! The Christmas and holiday rush is well behind us, and in pursuit of working on my many new goals for 2017, I finally completed…my office area!

I am so excited to share it with you all, because I feel like it is a space that truly represents me on such a personal level. I really wanted it to be that way, because like the old adage says “find something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life”. A lot of what I hope to do moving forward will require a fair amount of time being spent at a desk. Not only do I now have a beautiful space that I am comfortable in and that functions for my needs, but it was also a pleasure to plan and execute this personal space for myself (seriously, I live for this stuff!).

After purchasing our home, we knew that we would dedicate a space for Mr. Chasing Shiplap to have an office, due to the nature of his work. For him we decided on some extra space in our basement/man cave and that has been perfect for his needs. I mulled for awhile over where to put my office. I knew that I didn’t want it in our main living area, as offices and desks can get a little wild with “stuff/junk” and I dislike clutter in our main living space.

Before: Empty Nook Area

I ended up deciding on a little hallway nook leading to our master bedroom, that didn’t serve much of a purpose aside from being a segue area. The space is small, so I had some trepidation about being able to pull it off as an office. A quick search of small office areas on Pinterest bolstered my confidence about making the space work so I decided to go for it! Nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

I opted for IKEAs Table Bar System which allows you to mix and match various table tops and legs to create your own custom desk. I added 2 IKEA wall shelves with brackets and that was the starting point for my new office. The pieces that I selected are practical and economical, and also give a custom look and feel because I was able to pick exactly what works for the space.

The decor and accessories is a mishmash of office supplies and pieces that I already had, plus things that I thrifted from Value Village and purchased from places like the Dollarama, Michael’s, Winners, Homesense, and Wicker Emporium. You will recognize some Dollarama office supplies from my “Office Organization- Spray Paint all of the Things” post. I splurged a bit on a mint green vintage school house light fixture. I have to say that I find that one of the quickest ways to transform a space is to swap out the basic builder grade lights and replace them with something custom. This does not have to be expensive! There are beautiful lighting options in many price ranges if you are willing to shop around!

I have to admit that I am very much an “old lady” at heart (I have Pinterest board titled “35 going on 76”, haha). I love florals, pink, vintage-y, soft, feminine, and shabby chic decor elements. I am the only female in our household of 5 people, so feminine elements ended up being very strong! I used various pieces of art work and mirrors to create a gallery wall. Here she is, my completed office space!

Chasing Shiplap Office Reveal

Maybe someday I can find a way to add some shiplap to the area, haha. I hope that you enjoy the space as much as I do! Thanks to everyone who voted for me to complete this space, and to all of you for continuing on this Chasing Shiplap journey with me!