On Trend? Copper Comeback!

The more that I pay attention to design details, the more I begin to notice recurring themes and trends that I have never taken notice of in the past. It’s funny how that happens, right? It’s kind of like when I knew I was ready to start a family and all of a sudden I started seeing pregnant women and newborn babies everywhere! That’s how I know that I am truly passionate about design. I now can’t not pay attention to the details. I love to observe and analyze details that many years ago would not have grabbed my attention.

We all know that there are many things in pop culture that soar to popularity and eventually plummet from grace. Design and decor is no exception, much like clothing retail. Seriously, who ever thought that skinny jeans would be resurrected after its previous run in the 80s? In design, there are definitely classic elements that will never be truly be “dated” (think hardwood floors, large windows and crown moulding), and conversely, there are elements that I would be surprised to see make a comeback (baby pink and powder blue tile bathrooms, and popcorn ceilings anyone?).

           Fixer Upper -Magnolia Homes Designed Kitchen


Today I want to spotlight a design and decor element that I have been seeing a lot of lately (thanks in part to Fixer Upper and their designs featuring this element). This element (literally!) is decor and finishes in copper! When I initially started seeing copper in design over the last couple of years, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. It has a classic look, and to me it evokes an “old world” feel, with its use dating back to ancient times when it was used as a durable and resistant architectural material. I am seeing more of the orangey-pinkish hued colour adorning furniture, fixtures, and decor pieces when shopping these days.

I couldn’t resist picking up two copper pieces that caught my eye at Value Village (a popular second hand item store here in Canada) while browsing there recently. You may have read one of my recent posts about the sale of our house and our upcoming move to a new home. Well, I hope that I can find a way to incorporate some pretty copper pieces into my decor, but since I’m not sure if it will work or not, I felt safe spending $2.99 per item, in the event that I can’t make them work (not a significant loss of money). I found a tip for cleaning copper that called for coarse salt and lemon juice. I made a paste mixing the two items to shine up my pieces-I felt that it worked pretty well!


The two pieces that I ended up with are a taper candle holder, and a decorative hanging pan with a rooster on it. They are both keeping with the farmhouse style that I love. I paired them with a rustic wood tray and a sweet and simple glass jar to help them work with my existing decor pieces. I really hope that I can find a way to make them work somewhere in our new home-stay tuned for an update on that! Don’t be surprised if you start noticing copper details when you are out and about now!


Want the look? Check out your local second-hand and thrift shops for vintage pieces!  You can achieve the look very inexpensively if you by second-hand, and the copper lining, er, silver lining, is that you could end up with some genuine pieces with some history behind them! You can also find copper decor in stores like Homesene and Stokes. If online shopping is more your style, check out Wayfair (now available in Canada!) for a large selection with great price ranges. The below items are some things that caught my eye while I was browsing on their new app!


If you love the metal look in your home decor, don’t be scared to switch things up a little and try adding some copper elements to your space!

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  1. Kristi says:

    I actually like the copper look. I may have to go check out value village n see what I can find :). Great read. I’m learning so much about decor and design from you. Thank you !!!!! 💕

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