Our Next Step & The Look for Less

Happy weekending Shiplappers (see what I did there?)! We kicked this beautiful weekend off with the confirmation that our house has officially SOLD! We are thrilled that we can move onto our next chapter by succinctly closing this one. With relief comes the feeling of excitement and anticipation, and I now feel confident giving into those feelings!



This morning we took the littles to the zoo and playground, and despite the heat, we all had a lovely morning. The two oldest spent time in the backyard running through the sprinkler with my husband. This has been our most relaxed and balanced weekend in a long time, and I am reveling in it. Taking in what will be some of our final moments in our current home. I’m feeling nostalgic, as we have created the most memories as a family of 3, 4, and then 5 in this home. We have brought home 2 precious babies and celebrated many birthdays, Christmases, and milestones here. Though we are elated to be moving closer to “home” and our families, there is a bittersweet aspect of it all. I am ready to move on, but this house, our home for the past few years will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Alright, moving on from the sappy, sentimental stuff! One of the most exciting parts about our big move is the purchase of our new home! House hunting was an interesting and challenging experience this time around, since we had to travel to another province to see things in person. I stalked the MLS listings from the time my husband accepted his new job in January up until we made an offer. We made our first trip to our new destination in January and did not find any properties that fit the bill.

I poured through the new listings daily. There were a handful of potential houses that I was interested in seeing, but nothing that really jumped out at me. One day I clicked on a listing that had a thumbnail image that caught my eye. I immediately experienced a feeling of excited anticipation as a got a closer look at the house’s exterior. As I began scrolling through the images, my excitement grew. The house was beautiful and I felt an immediate sense of chemistry and connection when viewing it. I sent the listing to my husband right away and he agreed that it looked like a great option. It checked almost all of the boxes on our must have list and we were really impressed with the overall layout and footprint of the home. The feelings of excitement quickly lead way a sense of disappointment because I knew that a house like that would not last long on the market.

Time was winding down in relation to our search, so we planned our second trip to the new destination for the following 2 weeks. We were excited and relieved to learn that the house that caught our eye was still on the market! Two weeks later, we set off to our destination equipped with a list of properties to view! The coveted house was the first one that we saw that day. I think that I knew it was the one the moment we stepped foot in the foyer! Viewing it first was a perfect set up because we were able to compare the subsequent homes that we saw to it. None of the other houses held a candle to the home that we fell in love with first thing that morning! We parted ways with our realtor when the showings were completed and went back to the hotel to discuss our next move. It was a quick and easy decision. We called our realtor shortly after and told her that we wanted to make an offer on the house. We meant business! We submitted our offer by 5pm that day. We spent the evening excitedly discussing the possibility that we may have found our new home. It felt right.  The next day we waited in nervous anticipation for the sellers to respond to our offer. The clock rolled by as my anxiety elevated and we began to feel discouraged. Just before noon, as we were packing ourselves up to check out of the hotel, we received the news that we were waiting for…our offer was accepted!

The purchase of our new home was conditional on us selling our current home, so that added an element of pressure. In the grand scheme, we made it through the home selling and buying process pretty quickly and pain free. Getting that sold sign up in front of our current house has felt like a long time coming!

Our New Home!


Now, we prepare to embark on our new path with our sweet boys in tow. We have many projects (primarily cosmetic) planned for our new home, as well as slew of new rooms to decorate (including a finished basement)! I am excited to get started as my personal decor and design style becomes more defined. I have a much better idea of what I like so I think that decorating our new home will be a much different experience than when I decorated our current home. The modern farmhouse style will be fairly dominant, but I also hope to incorporate some varied elements (think coastal/cottage, industrial, and shabby chic). Only time will tell if I can bring my design vision to fruition!

I have been picking up items for the new house here and there if I see something that I really like. Yesterday I found the below hanging bottle/vases for $11.99 each! A steal considering that I had my eye on a similar set on Etsy for $77! The darling little jar below was $2.98-I love a good deal!

The Look for Less! – $23.98


The Etsy Version- $77.65 (Appalachian Artisans)


I hope that you will join me as I document the journey of our move as we take our new property from a house to a home!


  1. Steph says:

    I actually cried during this blog today! My heart is so overwhelmed with love and happiness for you,and your tenderness for your first house here in Peterborough !!! I feel very territorial of this city and I can’t begin to explain how thrilled I was when you guys made this city home! No matter where you, Tom and the sweet littles end up I am thrilled you were here, and although technically Kingston was your first place to live – Peterbrough will hold your first house! I teared up thinking of you bringing two sons home to the Yellow House! I think and reflect of your family photos taken by Jenn Austin again another component known to Peterbrough our talented photographer! I think of Little Lake, Fireworks, and all the memories you made here!
    YET…. Your new home to be screams East Coast and HOME! Thrilled for you in this new chapter of your life! As this chapter closes- I know it’s lovingly dog-eared and that the roots here are far more then a house- you made it home!
    Love you girl! Xoxoxo

  2. Jasmine says:

    Sooooo exciting! I have actually been on the hunt for a vase like that! I was thinking of having my stepdad make one for me with a mason jar. Where did you find this one?

  3. Gina says:

    Loving to hear about all of your new and upcoming adventures (as well as your fab decorating tips, of course). Your beautiful family will make the new house (which is lovely, btw!) a home in quick time I’m sure.
    All the best, my gorgeous friend. I look forward to hearing more – love the blog!

  4. Kristi says:

    I am excited for your move:) you new home is beautiful 🙂 thanks for the ideas and the blogs. Keep them coming they are intriguing and now you make me realize just how terrible my whole place looks and needs some help and style haha. I’m sure I’ll get it the way I want it with the ideas you post :).

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