Separated at birth?!

I’m Okay, so I am the first to admit that I have been fangirling over Joanna Gaines big time. Ever since I discovered HGTV’s super successful home renovation show, Fixer Upper, I have been hooked! As you may have seen on the “Why Shiplap? About Us! ” page, the name of this blog was directly influenced by my admiration for Joanna and my love of her design and style sense (shiplap being a resounding recurring element in her design).

To my amusement and delight, I received the most flattering comment from my 4.5 year old son while watching an episode of Fixer Upper. He took a rare moment to tune into the “boring” adult show that I was watching. At the moment, the camera was set on Joanna as she was giving one of her monologues when my son exclaimed, “She looks like you Mommy!”. Ha! The truth from the mouth of babes! Really, who knows my face better than my own child?! So that means Joanna and I are pretty much twins, right? Haha!


It’s also worth mentioning that my bestie Jasmine once commented,  “I thought this was you for a second!” on the below photo posted by Joanna on her Instagram account. So what if you can’t see her face in the photo? Clearly this qualifies as twin status-we were separated at birth!


Joking aside, I have recently been pondering just what is it about Joanna that has had such an impact on me? I often have feelings of inadequacy when faced with women (particularly mothers) who seem to have it all, and do it all. Joanna is a prime example of both of those things, but instead of feeling like a failure when seeing all that she does, I feel inspired and motivated. I have pinned down some of the reasons why I find her so inspiring!

Family in the Forefront- Mrs. Superwoman herself makes it known that family and motherhood are on the top of the list when it comes to her priorities. Her playful and relaxed relationship with her hilariously endearing husband Chip is so amusing and sweet. As a mother, her display of warmth, affection, and silliness rivals that of June Cleaver. Joanna is a great example that having a thriving career, and a balanced family life don’t have to come as a sacrifice of one or the other. This is something that I would love to achieve one day.

Business Savvy Beauty– Anyone who has laid eyes on Joanna would agree that she is a striking woman. She is an easy blend of exotic beauty combined with a comfortable and rustic style. Underneath the beautiful exterior is a sharp and intelligent business woman. Her  attention to detail and exquisite eye for design is the vision behind her and Chip’s successful Magnolia brand. Her moxie has shown me that a great idea and hardwork is all you need to spearhead a personal goal!

Design Maven– You know how some people are just good at certain things? Some have the natural ability to frame out and compose a perfectly taken photograph. Others are musically inclined, or easily make brush strokes to create beautiful masterpieces on canvas. Well Joanna appears to have a natural ability to see objects and spaces, and make them beautiful. Whether it be through a complete redesign, a repurposed object, a coat of paint, or combining elements to make them flow together, she has an eye and the ability to make things beautiful. Have a random bunch of flowers that need to go in vase? Joanna will expertly arrange them into a magazine-worthy spread! Need to figure out the perfect colour combo of walls, hardwood floors, and furniture in your living space? She’s got you covered, don’t worry! In short, Joanna’s impeccable taste for design and style is admirable, and a major source of inspiration for my personal fashion, home decor and design choices, though I like exhibit my own artistic license as well!

The above are the most poignant examples of why I think Joanna is tha bomb! Her positive influence has taken this stay-at-home mother of 3, who has had a diminished self esteem, low motivation, and a sense of loss of self identity over the last few years, and has reminded and encouraged me that I have dreams, and goals. Watching Joanna has allowed me to realize that there is no reason why I can’t at the very least attempt to pursue my dreams. So here I go, on to my next chapter, the one where I’ll be Chasing Shiplap.


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