The Flock is Strong With This One!

Sparkling lights twinkle on the banister, familiar carols and melodies swirl around as the soundtrack to the season, and it’s impossible to look in the mirror and not find sparkles freckling our skin and clothing. Christmas is in the air Shiplappers, and I am soaking it up quite fervently. Admidst the rush, chaos, and the demands of everyday life (sick kids, packing lunches, getting out the door on time, planning days around naps, and just being plain old tired to name a few), Christmas is my happy place.

One of my favourite Christmas past times, like many, is decorating our home for the holidays. To me, trimming our Christmas tree elicits the feeling you get as a child, when you scurry outdoors upon the first big snow fall, and take that long awaited backwards free fall . The feeling of familiarity and nostalgia when the snow crunches below your body, as you flail your arms and legs in delight, thus making your first snow angel of the season. Oh the feels!

With it being our first Christmas in our new home, my decor style and colour scheme has changed quite a bit. Keeping with the whole modern farmhouse thing, I decided to go very light and neutral with my holiday
palette. Mainly because I love how it looks, but also because of the versatility it offers in years to come should I want to change things up by adding pops of colour or new decor elements.  Neutrals make for such an easy decorating foundation!

Flocked Trees in our Backyard 

This year I have been obsessed with flocked Christmas trees- you know the ones that look like they are covered in beautiful fluffy white snow? I can thank the expansive vaulted ceiling in our new home for persuading a reluctant Mr. Chasing Shiplap to agree that our old tree did not suit the scale and space of our home.  Alas, we sprung for a impressive 9 foot flocked Alaskan Spruce, and she does not disappoint! I knew the tree would be tall, but I was surprised as to how wide, full, and lush that it is too. It fills the area in a way that our 7 foot tree would not have, and we are so pleased that we made the investment!

Bringing Outdoors to Indoors

So, here we are! Christmas in our new home with our lovely tree that looks like it was plucked from a whimsical sparkling forest to bring cheer and happiness to this Shiplapper! Below is some of my other holiday decorating as well.  I hope that you enjoy it!

Shiplap Mantle

Garland on Banisters 

Snowflake pencil tree in entryway dormer ❄️

Festive Details

See you again soon and have a beautiful Christmas! 🌲